Basic division

         Smokestacks, the vertical gems of the landscape. These objects of our interest, respect and (pervert) love can be classed by many criteria. Their height and construction (material+technology) are the most prominent. We recognize three types of smokestacks:


The oldest and most common industrial smokestacks are built from bricks. In deep history, there were quadrilateral and octagonal stacks. Later came stacks with circular profile widespread till today. The stacks reached the heights only birds did fly and church towers were able to touch in given time and enrich the monotonous look of towns and villages by their majestic vertical shape.  The smokestacks of last centuries weren't gray and boring. They were decorated by patterns, ledges, staged pedestals and massive heads.  The elegance and beauty have been substituted by straight functionality few decades later. The final and esthetically less pleasant form of brick stacks are vertical blocks.

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Concrete as a stack building material came to scene with mechanized construction methods in couple of variations. We have stacks from concrete blocks, segments and finally tallest monolithic reinforced concrete structures. Block-building started in the 60’s. Segment and monolithic stacks came later in two decades.  

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Steel stacks a.k.a tubes are popular for their simple construction and erection (in connection with steel-industry development). There are many forms of tubes, but KODA takes them as one type. Some tubes are self-supporting (ladder or other type of bilighorze is attached to the body - welded, screwed) while other tubes are light and supported by dedicated construction. Taller tubes can be fixed by several ropes. Special compact transportable steel-stacks able to travel on truck can be rarely seen. 

Bilighorze can be simply any – from good-old tacks, protected and unprotected ladders, to pins and distant stitches requiring advanced climbing techniques.


There are other prekiontric objects then brick, concrete or steel ones. Rare and unique constructions are made from stone, wood, plastic or laminate. But these are hard to find and are a kind of spice in our smokestack collection.