Prekiontry is a complex science which had created a very special and unique terms no other world language has. This tiny dictionary describes dozen of them to help you understand KODA more clearly:

ascendact of climbing the smokestack, also "the act"
atypnoted as "A". Smokestack or detail not typical in given category.
bába (grandma)revolving cover (roof) of a cockhead
basebottom-part of a smokestack, made usually of full profile bricks. Walls are mostly vertical and allways wider than the stack body. Typical for old brickers. Can have three parts: the heel, the cube and the cover.
basethe lowest part of the base
BB (bez bilighorze)no climbing equipment, there is no sane way to the top
bendsteel stripe bending the brickwork to keep it compact and stable, outer or inner
benursiondisortion of a brickwork (stack body) made by weather erosion
benursion lobeodd shaped deformation of the stack body.
bilighorzeladder, tacks, steps or other equipment getting the climber to the top.
blockrectangular smokestack made of brick, not conical
blowerthe topmost part of the smokestack, in fact the crown and "the hole"
bodythe main tall part of the body, http/see drawing
brickersmokestack made of bricks, C-type, conical.
Cmultipurpose abbreviation: stack made of bricks, tacks as a bilighorze or half-protection frames.
canother, slightly abusive, name for the steel stack
CCtack bilighorze witch half protection (frames)
CDtack bilighorze witch full protection (cage)
circumclimbtacks circumnavigating the stack body/head, typically for the warning lights maintenance when gallery not present.
cluster situationgraphical expression of the cluster shape and orientation including position of
cockheadsmokestack typical for a malt-house
collartumor or water tank
concretera stack made from concrete, mainly monolithic
covertompost part of a base
crownthe cover of the topmost part of a stack. Usually made of iron or concrete.
cubethe middle part of the stack base, can be decorative (other parts are the heel and the cover)
detailalso the "chemical formula", string code giving a glance of smokestack's shape nd profile, see http/smokestack details for more info
devirgationsupreme form of object research including complete documentation and submit to the database
framepart of a bilighorze designed for resting, mostly U-shaped or rectangular
full protectionprotective cage surrounding the bilighorze. Typical for concrete stack or blocks, rare on brickers.
gallerya balcony, typically circular, designed for climber to rest and overlook the landscape.
globonshortened form of globonic ulhorf
globonic ulhorfclass of the smokestack higher than 200 m, also GU or globon
gnozcationuncomplete smokestack research but with partial submit to the database
grglationother word for the devirgation
GUglobonic ulhorf abbreviation
half protectionprotective frames sticked to the biligorze, usually in regular intervals.
hatthe roof of a cockhead, usually two-staged
headtopmost, visually distinct part, functional and/or decorative termination of the stack
chemical formulasee http/detail
innerclimbascending the inner part of the smokestack. It is highly specific, more demanding and completely different from classical (outer) climb. Not for those who are affraid of darkness, dirt, overhangs or ... spiders.
Jsmokestack type, other then brick, concrete or steel one.
Kabbreviation of a "cockhead", specific smokestack for a malt-house, if written as a suffix, references the cockhead's roof
krochnutationdegradation of any stack parts caused by weather or flue gases
lathersomething to explain?
LTabbreviation of lystercite trepariosom
lystercite trepariosomclass of the stack, height 15 m - 49 m, also schour
Mcode for monolithic type
morfol trepariosomclass of the stack, height 50 - 99 m, also pyždík
MTabbreviation of morfol trepariosom
Ncode for the tumor, circular water tank
necrognozcationprekioarcheological method of research of a fallen stack, theoretical or in situm.
octagoneoctagonal stack
Pstack made of steel
pregionregional area, typically state, county or other larger administrative unit
Pregionthe name of former smokestack research system - predecessor of KODA, working 2005-2008
prekiona smokestack by http/definition
protectionoptional part of a bilighorze improving comfort and safety of an ascend
risistrope ulhorfclass of a stack, height 100 - 199 m
RUabbreviation of risistrope ulhorf
Scode for segmenter
sectionpart of the stack body with particular brick-wall thickness
segmenterstack made of concrete segments
SoKR"The climber of the year" contest. A bit of fun in a loads of work.
stackclustergroup of (mostly) identical stacks in visual or functional relation
stackhoodregional area, typically a district
tackersmokestack equipped with tacks
triflation pointthe gallery
tubesmokestack made of steel
Ubcode for a wretch (ubožák), stack without any gallery
ulhorfstack higher than 100 m
waversmokestack made of wave-shaped concrete segments/blocks.