Stack definition

Prekiontry is a discipline focused on research, description a ascending of the smokestacks.  The subject of interest are industrial smokestacks. The definition of prekiontric object is given by the code of Czech Smokestack-climbers Society:

The smokestack higher than 15 m is a prekiontric object. As a prekiontric object is also considered the smokestack with a watertank and carbonizing tower.

Despite decades of evolution, this definition is still subject of discussion, gentle changes and additions. The main reason is, that it operates with a term „smokestack“ which can be handled creatively.

Generally accepted interpretation says, that smokestack is a solid structure used as an exhaust of a flue gases (smoke) from some technological device. Added exceptions are cooling towers (mentioned by the definition) and malt-house chimneys (non-mentioned).  In the opposite case, living-house chimneys connected to local boilers are not taken as prekiontric objects  although they fulfill the definition completely.

KODA as a database of prekiontric objects allows to store information about smokestacks out of the definition in special cases. The object can be accepted for it’s exceptional architectonic, esthetic, technical or cultural value. These cases are taken individually.