About KODA

KODA is an unique database of smokestacks and related structures also involved in general industrial architecture documentation. The range,  volume, relevancy and complexity of the content has no competitors in the region (and in the world - as far as we know). The data were collected by dozens of volunteers using their enthusiasm and expert knowledge and maintained by effective review  mechanism. KODA’s contributors are members of Czech Smokestack-climbers Society (est. 1980). This globally unique project is built thanks to  their time, means, abilities and professional skills.

Database structure

The basic entity of the KODA is the smokestack card. It collects the information about one object (prekion) using following structure:

  • Smokestack parameters – standardized properties organized in true database. They allow detailed classification, effective search and automated list or report creation. Detailed structure of all parameters is described on dedicated page.
  • Geolocation – accurate positioning of the smokestack in maps with help of other location-related information (i.e. cluster situation). Linking the stack with municipality, smokehood (~township), pregion (~area) and state/country.
  • Visual content – original photographs describing  object’s current state; also copies of technical documentation and other visual material
  • Notes – information in textural form (note, article) used for storing non-structured data like history of the object, description of any anomalies etc.

Since the parameters and properties of the smokestack can be subject of evolution in the real world, KODA is able to track and display the changes in time.

Smokestacks are attached to grounds (plants) when needed. The ground (compact area - the plant, typically) connects smokestacks technologically or historically. Grounds have separate cards in the database showing similar information as a stack card (geolocation, visual content, notes).

Our goals

  • To create complete database of Czech (and Central European) smokestacks containing high quality technical and historical data with respect to regional context.
  • To present the vertical heritage of the industrial age to the public and contribute to the protection of valuable sites. We'd like to introduce the smokestack as a pride of courage, skill and craft of our ancestors creating unmistakable dominants of the landscape.
  • To support the smokestackers and other professionals with presenting, storing and processing accurate and reliable data used for developing, conserving and maintaining the huge legacy of vertical engineering.


Every member of Czech Smokestack-climbing Society can contribute to the database with respect to his/her access rights. The project  is maintained by collegium of administrators providing technical and expert (knowledge) support. Critical data (smokestack parameters) are subject of approval by admin before submit. Other data are supervised on-the-fly. Administrators are the final authority in any dispute whether particular data are submitted/published or not.